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Dr. Sam Yanuck has been in practice since 1992. He sees patients with complex chronic conditions from all over the world. He is the creator and chief educator of Cogence Immunology, an online functional immunology course for clinicians. Dr. Yanuck is an adjunct assistant professor in the Program on Integrative Medicine, in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, where he teaches principles of functional immunology and other topics related to the treatment of chronically ill patients.

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC

Joel Kahn, MD, FACC is an integrative cardiologist. He serves as Clinical Professor of Cardiology at Wayne State University School of Medicine and is founder of the Kahn Center for Cardiac Longevity in Michigan.

Kristine Burke, MD

Dr Burke is board certified in family medicine and sports medicine, and fully certified in Functional Medicine. She is the Chief Medical Officer for Diabetes Reversal Group LLC, and has practiced the full spectrum of family medicine in the Folsom and El Dorado Hills areas since 1997. Dr. Burke believes that the best medical care requires time, a trusting relationship, and a collaborative approach to achieve the most successful personal outcomes: good health, longevity, and superior quality of life. She truly enjoys caring for her patients and strives to guide them to wellness and prevention, as well as carefully managing their illnesses and medical conditions. Kristine Burke is a member of Calroy’s Science and Medical Advisory Board.

Helen Messier, MD, PhD

Focused on data-driven healthcare models, Dr. Messier founded a series of national concierge practices, including Medical Intelligence Learning Labs Inc, and is a family medicine doctor at Altum Medical. Her real-time translation of precision medicine integrates multi-omics technologies and applies them directly in clinical care, allowing patients with complex chronic disease to actively benefit from innovative biomedical technologies. Previously, she served as medical director of genomics at the Human Longevity Institute and chief medical officer of Viome. Dr. Messier earned her Ph.D. in molecular immunology at University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, and received her M.D. from University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta.

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